You can get any of the Lazy Tales books on, and many other bookstores can order them from CreateSpace.  Most books are also available as Kindle ebooks.  We're working to improve the distribution as we go...
At the moment we're just getting started, but there's already one book available today!

Tender Bait
by Lara Steele

Tender Bait Book Cover by Lara Steele

Old Flames

It is detective Kelly Swift's first day on the job when a peaceful college town is unexpectedly shaken by a serial murderer, and she is determined to find the killer.

Her new partner, Jack Hall, was also her first love.  How do they overcome their separate histories to make a new one together?

Starting off on the wrong foot, their reunion seems doubtful, especially when they both live in denial. Neither agrees on anything…who the murderer is…their relationship…who left whom — and then Kelly is kidnapped.

Can Jack find her in time when he has the wrong man behind bars?

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by Lara Steele

Sandy's Snow Day
by Crystal Steele

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