Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Playing with Logos

Well, if we have a blog like this, maybe we want a logo to go with it.  And since I'm mucking with the logos, I may as well share.  Here're some things we're leaning toward at least for now.

"Lazy Tales" contains an obvious play on words with tail, so the idea of incorporating a tail was kind of a no brainer.  Keeping with the "What's in a Name" post, the logo should be fun, not too serious, yet hopefully not too silly.

Eventually you're going to find writing here from many different genres, so the dragon is a bit of a risk, it may not fit so well with sci-fi or mysteries.  On the other hand, there's a history of dragon's being associated with books and reading.  Hopefully people won't find it too distracting.

Or maybe the dragon needs to wear a deerstalker or space suit when we have books in those genres.

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